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True FREE web hosting

Join the Worlds #1 Web Host!

The first thought that you might have had after reading the title might be,”true?eh?what?”. Good. Thats exactly what I want. Ever wanted to make a website and starting search for free web hosting services? Every place that you must’ve found, each one of them might have had some or the other drawback. Some put their own ads, or some have too limited space, some have other conditions. Damn! Even I was searching for a way to host my site, tried many “free” hosting services, but still wasn’t satisfied. So, the best way is, use googlepages AND yahoo geocities. Now, you must be thinking why not use googlepages OR geocities? Let me explain to you, in googlepages you cant make folders. Though googlepages allows uploading many formats (I don’t know exactly how many), but it doesn’t allow you to make folders. Lame. Though you CAN put everything in the root folder, but read on, this is the way where geocities comes in. Yes, geocities allows you to make folders. BUT, the webpages that you design there, they’ll put an annoying bar at the right of the page. Again, Lame. So, what you can do is, upload your webpages to googlepages, and the rest of folders like images, css, etc, upload it to yahoo geocities. And in your html, change the paths to the online geocities folder. For example, suppose you have a image in your webpage, and you’ve made a folder named images in your yahoo geocities folder, so simply change the path of the image in the img scr tag as<your page name>/<foldername>/<image name>. Thats it, you are done. Now, upload this html file to and click the link the name of the file. Sweet, eh? 😉

Some of you might think why all this, well, yahoo geocities is one the sites that allow remote linking. Even the paid basic services of some web hosting providers won’t allow remote linking. That means, if you think of using some free file hosting service (like , and upload your images and folders there, you will only see the images when you are logged in to your file hosting server. That means, other people on the internet won’t be able to see the images on your site or any other flash files, etc that you’ve put there.

And one last thing, since yahoo has a 15MB space limit, don’t hesitate to make multiple accounts! Its free pal.

Happy Hosting!