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Disable Windows Mobile 6.1 SMS autocomplete

I recently switched to my WM 6.1 (ASUS p527), a touch screen mobile with a keypad. But messaging was quite difficult. Removing the stylus each time is cumbersome, and windows mobile didn’t let me use the keypad the way symbian based mobiles would let me to. I searched a lot, some said there’s some fix, downloaded various keyboard layouts, but wasn’t satisfied. It’s very simple to turn the windows mobile messaging dictionary. Go to Start> Settings> Personal> Input. Set the input method as XT9 and tap on options. Now uncheck all of them (If u lk 2 typ lk ds [if you like to type like this]). Now tap done. And, it’s done! Simple, no patch needed. 😛 Note: After you do this, it is possible that whenever you start yping a new message, the on-screen keyboard pops up and thus you can only enter numbers using the keypad. And when you hide it and start re-typing the numbers you erased would reappear. There’s a solution for this. Do as I’ve mentioned above and then select keyboard as your input method. This way if you accidently type numbers and erase them, they won’t reappear. 🙂