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iOS 4 : How to create folders without using iTunes

I recently upgraded my iPod touch 3G to iOS 4.0 GM. It’s much faster than any of the previous versions and Apple’s multitasking is marvelous. A great feature added this time is folders to manage your apps. You can create folders like Games, Utilities, Social, etc. to contain several apps thus reducing the mess you might have on your device.

I knew it was possible to create folders using iTunes but was wondering if I could do it directly on the device. It was easy to guess but if you haven’t yet figured it out, this is how it is done:

1. Touch and hold any icon to make the icons wiggle.

2. Drag an icon you want to put into the folder(which we’ll create next)…

…and drop it on another icon you want to include in the same folder. I dropped Dictionary on WordWeb. This means we must have at least two apps in a folder, which makes sense.

3. The folder has been created! The screen will look something like the image below. A new folder has been created (the only opaque icon in the image) and the name is shown below it. It’ll automatically set a name for the folder based on the app type but you can change it too.

4. That’s it! You can add more apps to this folder by moving the wiggling icons to the folder you just created.


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