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Gmail Drive! Free 7 GB(And counting!) Storage!

Recently, I was working with my college’s tehno-management fest team (More info at,  I made all the posters (!!). I constantly needed to send files to my head (the designing team head, i mean). The sad part was, Gmail allowed 20MB max file size limit. And all of the posters were >20MB. Some files being almost 250 MB. Now,  uploading to rapidshare was a choice, but then, I had to send the link to him, or every other person who wanted a copy, etc etc. Arrgh.

I once used a firefox extension called Gspace. It used the gmail account and provided an FTP manager. So, you can upload the files from your Hard disk to your account.  So, this was a solution. I could make one common id, say, and upload all the posters there. Then, anyone who wanted the posters could download from there. But, open firefox everytime, then explain how to use it, pain in the ass. ( Though the FTP feature is quite nice!)

So, I looked a bit more and I found GMail Drive. It adds another drive called ‘Gmail Drive’ to my computer! Now I can just drag and drop the files, use the same common account, and that’s it.  Everyone knows how to copy paste stuff from one hard drive to another. \m/

To download Gmail Drive, click here.

Extract the files, and double click Setup.exe. It will finish in seconds. Now, open My Computer, double click ‘Gmail Drive’, a window would open up wherein you have to enter your account details.  Hit Enter and you are done. Now, just copy paste files to this drive, they’ll be uploaded to your gmail drive. \m/

Happy Uploading!